The Dark Side

On a quest for travel, I’m always thinking about the night sky. There’s a great article in The New Yorker called “The Dark Side” from August 13, 2007 that moved me. None of us can experience the sky like our ancestors because of light pollution, but there are a few places on earth that are still pretty dark. The Author, David Owen writes, “In a truly dark sky, shooting stars are too numerous to bother wishing on.” He remarks about his experience in Owachamo in Utah, “I leaned against some big rocks and simply looked. If I stood still, I could see stars apparently blink off, as the earth’s rotation caused them to be occluded by the sandstone bridge, while, on the other side, others seemed to blink on.” Wow! I need to go here. In New York, this seems like a dream. ***The photograph was found on @newyorkermag #brooklynbridge #manhattan #Brooklyn #eastriver #magic

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